Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

The two-year anniversary of the death of my sister, Jenny Makofsky, fast approaches. In honor of her delighted obsession with listing favorite things, I thought I would list some of mine.

That really big harvest moon
Cartoony low brow art in bright colors (and cheap!)
When the bed is made
Wearing black
Walking in city neighborhoods and reading the flyers
Eating interesting food
Sleeping long and late
Singing sad songs loudly
The sense that a book or a movie or a play is going to be really good
Strange happenings in everyday life
Roadside shrines


Linden said...

Back at you with my list:

Discovering when I walk out my door that I had done yard work the day before.

Two children's books: Amy's Eyes by Kennedy and Guess Who My Favorite Person Is by Baylor.

The particular green of sun through Japanese maple leaves.

Finding people who don't mind (or get thrown off) when I sing the harmony parts.

Bees, especially at night when I can feel the heat they generate and hear the crispy sounds they make, busy even then.

Seeded (caraway) rye bread toast with whatever that maple spread is: sour, sweet and unbeatable.

The week just before Spring really happens, but you can tell anyway.

The baked beans my parents made from scratch for every at-home Saturday night.

Beaches that have little broken carnelian bits like drops of rust.

Recognizing someone I know now in a photo of themselves years before.

Serena said...

What a beautiful list, Linden! It's so good to hear from you.

My Nana made those beans too, along with homemade brown bread cooked in tin cans.

I always get thrown off by someone singing the harmony part!

Take care...