Friday, June 30, 2006

Unanswerable questions, maybe?

I am sending out questions to the universe, and wondering if I'll get any answers.

--Maxito wants to know if the sun will ever die.

--Do babies dream?

--Someone please tell me where my birth certificate is hiding.

--Is there a museum of doors in Scotland, or did Jenny just wish there was one?

--How high is the mouse that spins? (My cousin Keri wrote this question two decades ago. I actually know the answer: The higher the few.)

--What is it about Fluevogs that makes them take over my thoughts?


Roo-Bee-Faye said...

Have you found the answers yet? ;) I think babies do indeed dream, about the fabulous life they had in the womb--no horrible lights, noises, smells, etc to bother them. I think that's why we [should] nurse our babies! Such a comfort in this scary world! Have a lovely holiday!

Serena said...

I agree, roo-bee! After I nurse the baby, she is so tranquil and ready to coast through the stimulus of daily life.

Clara said...

Heya Serena! Somehow I can hear Jen marveling at how amazing the doors were in Scotland, so different, so varied, so well-preserved, "It was like the whole country was one big museum of doors." Birth certificate: tucked in a journal? Babies dream: Oh they must. Will the sun ever die: I hope not. Fluevogs: Because they look far more comfortable than they really are? (Or do I just have freakishly ill-fitting feet? That's possible too.) Sending you hugs from the Portland of the east.

Serena said...

I'll bet the birth certificate IS in a journal! That's good conjecture, Clara. And, hey, you don't OWN Fluevogs, do you? Or did they hurt so much just trying them on? That does a lot to de-obsess me over them. Many thanks for the kind wishes.