Friday, November 23, 2007

Los Arquitos

My new favorite neighborhood in Oaxaca is Los Arquitos, or The Archways. It is a colonia located beneath and behind the city's old aqueduct. All sorts of secrets hide beyond the archways, like the Friday and Saturday El Pochote organic market. Steve and I scored a couple lovely plates of fresh vegetarian enchiladas in mole sauce, for about four dollars.

There is also a free film series which, someday, I will attend.

Steve and I wound through several of the alleys in an attempt to find a house for sale. No such luck, but we did meet some friendly neighbors who admired Jenny's wild hair.


Neo said...

Bueno, mas o menos entendí algo de lo que relatas, me da mucho gusto que de guste Oaxaca, yo soy de Oaxaca y aun tengo mucho que admirar.


Clara said...

There you are!! What a lovely sight to behold after so many years. Thank you for the picture!