Saturday, June 06, 2009

Post Mastectomy Alternative Clothing

It has been a hell of a two years since my mastectomy, weighted down with a heavy silicone prosthesis and one of those very modest bras meant to hide the slightest hint that you ever had surgery but that show when I wear the slightest v-neck, scoop neck or skinny strap tank top.

Because these sturdy, practical items are in need of replacing, I've started doing some online research to find alternatives to the very modest, cover-it-all-up options for post-mastectomy patients.

I'm extremely happy to share a blog entry I found, addressing my challenge:

Post Mastectomy Supplies by Hester Hill Schnipper.

She talks about various options, and links to a wonderful website called BreastFree.

BreastFree, in turn, links to many places to order lighter, different breast forms, cool tank tops, and all sorts of stuff.

I wanted to share this information in case anyone else out there is searching for new options.


Julian said...
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Michelle B. said...

I ran across your blog while researching post-mastectomy clothes. Thanks for the link! Companies that make bras & Cammis for those with prosthetics should be ashamed of themselves! How could anyone charge over $65 for a tank top with built in pockets for prosthetics???

Serena said...

So true, Michelle.

In terms of deals (but not style), I've had luck with the Amoena closeouts offered on Metro Medical. You get free shipping and can Google for the latest coupon code to discount it a little further.

I've also just ordered a swimsuit from Hapari. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't give a decent review, but they put prosthesis pockets in every tankini they manufacture.

I'm going to do more research so I can do a proper followup to this first blog post.

Good luck!