Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pacific Northwest Heyday

Welcome to my first blog post as a 42-year-old. It is not the highpoint of my trip al norte, what with it being 3am and my balancing my laptop on my knees as I type in the bathroom of the Medford Motel 6. But the past week in the Pacific Northwest has held many highlights:

*Stopping at Granzella's free olive bar on the way up
*Eggplant burger at Gepetto's in Ashland
*Berry-picking at Sauvie Island
*Walking Alberta Street
*Hanging with Jen and meeting baby Marley at Wilshire Park
*Dancing at the NIA studio with Megs
*Playing in the water area at the Children's Museum with Max and Geni
*Aladdin's twice for veggie Mediterranean
*The all green paintings show at the vegan shoe store
*Singing "The Night Chicago Died" in honor of Jenny at The Alibi Tiki Lounge with Mary Lou and Meg
*The Stella meet and greet for Max
*Playing Frogger at Ground Kontrol with Steve, Max, Geni and Meg
*Powell's with my mom, Steve and the kids
*Seeing J.R.'s new paintings
*Hiking to the top of Multnomah Falls with Max
*Chilling for four hours in Alberta Park, watching Max and Geni swim and make friends
*Indian sides and talking love, sex, marriage and babies with the Stephanies
*Explaining to my friend why she might want to have sex with her boyfriend before breaking up with him
*The water and light show at the Enchanted Forest
*To come: a morning playing in Lithia Park along the creek


em for mighty said...

fun stuff!

Megan said...

From the first moment (of fear) in the New Seasons parking lot, to the birthday dots at Hot Lips (Happy B-day Max), to the karaoke at the Alibi, to the galleries on Alberta, to the Monster video game with Max, to the puff ball game with Geni, to the beautiful falls, to picken' and fiddlin' in Alberta Park, to the laughs and advice it was a joyful joyous pdx vacation!

The Buzz said...

sounds lovely. i spent much of my childhood in ashland. words like "gepetto's" and "lithia creek" stir up lots of vivid memories. thank you for sharing.

Leslie Limon said...

Hi, I discovered your blog via Expat Women. I too am an American living in Central Mexico. Are you still living in Oaxaca?