Saturday, September 05, 2009

Back to School Again

I've got the school supply list for Colegio Teizcali's preschool in front of me, which caused a certain amount of headaches. Here's the list, including some of my bad translations:

1 workbook with small squares
1 workbook with big squares
2 professional notebooks for drawing, each 100 pages
1 double-lined notebook in the style of Italian binding
2 pencils (for writing, not drawing)
2 boxes of wooden colored pencils (24 colors) tagged with name
1 plastic pencil box tagged with name
2 pairs of rounded point scissors
1 "migajon" eraser
1 toothbrush, little cup, two toothpastes with flavor (except mint), tagged
1 comb or brush for hair
1 industrial gray robe with long sleeves (for sale in "Boneterias) or "mandarla hacer") with the name embroidered
2 educational games for the class library (puzzles, blocks, memory, "chalupa" [Ed. note--isn't chalupa a dish at Taco Bell?]
1 box of 24 crayons
1 small towel for hand-cleaning
1 big shoebox with the top covered in ultramine shade paper with her name
For swimming: bathing suit, swim cap in the color indicated by the swim teacher, goggles, sandals, and towel or bathrobe

It makes you tired, doesn't it?


Xerography Debt said...

Wow. And to think I puzzled over "two boxes of tissues and a complete change of clothes with child's name written inside." I got the clothes thing, but the two boxes of tissues mystified me. Why two? Why just tissues? Garnet starts pre-school this week!

Serena said...

I forgot about the boxes of tissues phenomenon. There was a teacher where I taught in Oakland who always had students bring in two boxes. Good luck with preschool!

Xerography Debt said...

Why the tissues? I keep hoping it is for paper mache, but realize that is delusional.