Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school

I feel such relief. All the gorgeous setting up, Rachel's work in the garden, people brainstorming had added up to something phenomenal. It was the first day of our new alternative school in Oaxaca, Taller Colibri.

It started with us all welcoming one another by the big black rock that stands in the front yard. Then, Rachel took them back to the garden, where they planted corn. They picked lettuce, basil, fennel, and cilantro, added cucumber and carrots, and made a salad for snack time.

I left after that, but Max reported a day packed with adventures. He built marble mazes, strategized gateways by adding modeling clay, rode his bike to the river to study how the current carried natural objects over a waterfall, and prepared deviled eggs for lunch. I picked up a boy a little sunburned, covered with mud, and not ready to leave.

Genevieve also got to ride her bike, read stories with Maestra Suzana, hike to the waterfall, and play in the grassy green field with goats.

I feel joy and hope. My children have a beautiful new school!


Diane said...

You should feel a great sense of accomplishment! Congratulations.

Serena said...

Gracias, Diane. Perhaps we'll see you down here one day, too. Saludos, Serena

Brandy said...

I love this, Serena. You should be so proud. And, on our front, we are content.

Serena said...

Thanks, Brandy. I look forward to hearing more about your back-to-school experiences. Good luck this year. xoxo Serena