Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some highlights

I've always been about moments rather than the big picture, and I want to share some moments from the first three weeks of our new school, Taller Colibri.

On our observational tour to list simple machines, we had to stop to let a gigantic tractor cross in front of us, its gears madly turning, leaving gouged mud in its wake.

Jacobo designed a full-on roller coaster that successfully made a wheel fly through the air.

Pancho coaching Max on how to hit a soccer ball with his head.

Geni at recess, opening up seed pods and showing them to the baby goats.

Over a few days, Samuel crocheted a tiny cap for a finger puppet.

Max set to work writing a book in the handmade notebooks Suzana had made.

Steve took the older group to the Graphic Arts Institute, where they pored over Leonardo DaVinci's sketches of machines.

Maestra Suzanna, the world's best teacher, taking the class on daily walks to the nearby river, where the kids keep a journal of its changes.

Maestra Rachel created a journeyboard lesson for the kids, who are now slowly painting a pictoral tale.

Every few days, someone asks hopefully, "What do we do tomorrow?" It's a beautiful life.

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Anonymous said...

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