Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dia del Nino and My Rant Against Trazzler

It's strange circumstances, to be sure, but it's Day of the Child in Mexico. We remembered at around noon, so we went off to Chedraui supermarket to buy a cake and celebrate.

So, it might be the cake talking, but I'm in a bad mood. This freaking Trazzler travel website that I hate deeply keeps sending me newsletters and there is no way to unsubscribe. They say you can unsubscribe, but I just get in an endless loop of complaints that won't be registered without my email, which they say is not registered. Then how am I getting this useless, annoying newsletter in the first place?

I originally thought I'd apply to write for Trazzler which, upon reading the fine print, looked like a terrible idea. Very scammy. I read on their forums that some users are beginning to think Trazzler is a scam, too. If not a scam, then Trazzler is at least unethical and annoying, with no contact email addresses and a help forum that won't let me publish my query. With Trazzler, I am like those suckers who got lifetime magazine subscriptions through AOL and could never cancel them, doomed to pay for bad magazines for an eternity. I am Sisyphus pushing that heavy rock of Trazzler spam emails up the hill.

Boo Trazzler!
Trazzler, I do not like you.
Trazzler, I agree with those on the forums who beg to be set free from your spam.


Adam Rugel said...

i'm sorry you forgot your user name and password. it isn't our intention to make it difficult for you to unsubscribe. send the email you used to sign up to and we'll unsubscribe you.

Serena said...

Thanks for your post, Adam. To be accurate, I was continually prompted for my email address which, when I entered it, was rejected for being unregistered. Yet, somehow, Trazzler has registered my email address for sending me the newsletter in the first place.

In any case, I submitted a request for a new user name/password combo and was able to unsubscribe. I agree with what Jessica wrote on your feedback board a couple weeks ago--it is unethical to require registration to unsubscribe from the newsletter. Just set us free!

megan said...

Hi Serena--
I see that you tweeted about receiving another mail from Trazzler today... Does this mean that you were not able to unsubscribe? We're are working on improving the unsubscribe process (which, with a small team, is taking longer than we would like) and in the meantime are unsubscribing anyone who encounters difficulties. We send out two different communications: a weekly recommendation and a monthly newsletter. If you send your email to (disregard the autoresponse), we can ensure that you are unsubscribed from both.

Anonymous said...

It's not about the writers, nor travel, it's about (from Trazzler About page): "We recently closed a seed round of funding that will be announced here." It's about cashing in (and out)... suckers.

Serena said...

Agreed, Anonymous. I continue to see their "call for writers" posts on various freelance writing gig websites, followed by comments of writers who submitted material (which is published on their site) but never hear back from them. Trazzler scam Trazzler scum and we are the Trazzler suckers.

Mathias said...
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