Friday, April 24, 2009

What happens to a story killed?

Does it dry up
like a Lindsay Lohan in rehab?

Really, it's just sagging like a heavy load right now. And the story just sits there, killed.

I should figure out the way to negate this having happened, like send out 10 pitches and apply for 10 gigs next week.

But, right now, a bad movie on cable will do the trick.


mighty jo said...

wha--? what happened? who killed it?

Serena said...

I know, getting a story killed is the worst. It was just a short article, 400 words, but it was on Oaxaca, so it had a specific connection for me. It was an article for a website--I guess there was some editorial disagreement and, so, there it is.

By the way, mj, I checked out your blogs, too, and was immediately sucked in by your honesty and perspective. It made me feel better about what happened to me, in a way, because your kind of writing is what matters more to me than the blurby commercial writing I've done for websites.