Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rage against machines

That's the theme song of my life, though I tend to reject or dismantle machines rather than raging against them.

I've had the great privilege of carving out my life. Circumstances and luck, both good and bad, had me cartwheeling to the situation of my dreams, living in Oaxaca, freelance writing, and having the time to appreciate life, my family, my friends, art, and my surroundings.

So when I get slammed up against a wall of hierarchy and negative energy, here in the place I've chosen, in the life I've fashioned, I look for the path. The path is not the corporate model, not a business model, not the capitalist, consumerist dream--it's the road less traveled by, the one that makes the difference.

The current problem I'm encountering is too sticky to delve into fully. In general, I find some people fall victim to thinking that people should not be heard, should not be represented. I know this type, the self-satisfied elitists who somehow think they know better, but what always surprises me is the type upon whom they prey, the willing head-nodders. Where do these people come from? Are they guided by fear?

I'm happy to realize I've shaken off many of my fears, my tendency to unquestioningly follow rules, in favor of doing what's right. In my work as an educator, I appreciated that notion of justice over law, just as I used to tell my students that fairness meant each student getting what she needs, not each student getting the same thing. I'll use this philosophy to guide me though the next phase of my life.


Steve Lafler said...

Rock it, baby.
The weasels shall get their due -- their actions coming back to roost in their lives. The comic-tragic thing is, they may not even be aware that they are the cause of the karmic payback.

j.d.h. said...

ah... this was a great thing to read this morning as i return to school for the last few days before summer and freedom. i want to keep this little nugget of truth for myself and remember to use it...
"fairness meant each student getting what she needs, not each student getting the same thing..."
Thanks, Serena.